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Management Company


GPM’s duties for the association depend on the requirements established by the association.  Specific authorization and obligations are contained within the management contract.  GPM generally:

  • is hired by the board and is the vehicle by which the overall administration, policies and procedures, managerial decisions, etc., of the Board of Directors acting on behalf of all owners/members, are carried out.
  • is also the liaison between the board and community members while taking direction from the board.
  • assists with the day-to-day association business and commonly held property by providing both advice and support and corresponding directly with homeowners, vendors and contractors as necessary.
  • ensures the association functions as a viable business organization, protecting the homeowners’ valuable investment.

Typically, GPM performs the following (but not limited to) duties:

  • Collection of assessments
  • Maintain the billing and collection system for the receipt and enforcement of association assessments.
  • Prepare and distribute from association funds the payment of all bills and obligations on a timely basis
  • Provide administrative support to the association in enforcing the governing documents
  • Maintain all records, documents and books of the Association
  • Prepare for regular and annual meetings; attend meetings of the Board of Directors, including the Annual Meeting
  • Distribute information to the association members regarding assessment notices, applicable policies, directives, By-Laws, rules, regulations, procedures and restrictions as may be specially directed by the Board of Directors.
  • Solicit bids, contract, oversee and direct all contractors, vendors, etc., servicing the association under the approval of the Board of Directors
  • Assist the board in financial budget planning
  • Perform on-site inspections.